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Swimming Safety: Guidelines to Keep Your Family Safe

Summer is here and children throughout the Roanoke Valley are headed to pools and lakes to take a dip. While being fun for kids of all ages, the water can also be dangerous

  • Safety experts suggest that parents of younger children keep their children within arm's reach while swimming. Parents of older children are urged to keep a close eye on them from the pool deck, regardless of how well they can swim.
  • Parents should also know that hotter summer temperatures can cause a child to overheat, which in turn makes swimming more difficult.
  • Contrary to popular belief, children drown silently rather than thrash around noisily causing alert to nearby people.
  • Lakes are usually deeper than swimming pools and the bottom of the lake is made up of peaks and valleys, which may contain debris that can entangle a swimmer.
  • Safety official suggest that removing toys from the water once children are done playing helps reduce the temptation for children to sneak into the water when they are unsupervised.

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