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Video - Blind Doctor Proves The Importance Of Trial Preparation

In this video, our attorney recalls a case where a woman had suffered a horrible brain injury and the preparation of the case was extremely important. During this case, a deposition was required with the treating physician. While our attorney had done his due diligence and prepared the physician for the deposition, the physician did well even though our attorney had no clue that the doctor was blind. The opposing attorney had not prepared as thoroughly. Because of this, Kalfus & Nachman had a great advantage in the case.

This demonstrates the importance of proper witness preparation in a case and shows how crucial it is to hire an attorney that has decades of experience. For help with your personal injury case, please contact Kalfus & Nachman today by calling (855) 880-8163. We proudly serve clients in Roanoke, Newport News, Norfolk, and the surrounding areas.

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