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Do You Know That Dog Attacks Can Also Turn Fatal and Costly?

Dogs have always been man’s best friend. As dog owner’s become more and more comfortable with bringing their dog’s into public places, it is very important that we still remain cautious on our interactions with them at times. It is important to always remain cautious when interacting with dogs you are unfamiliar with or unattended to by an owner. These dogs sometime react in fear and instinct. In 2013 alone reported 32 dog related fatalities in the US. These are extreme cases, but there have been over 283 recorded deaths from dogs since 2005. Most of the deaths 74% were caused by pit bulls and Rottweiler’s. Another startling statistic was that over 38% of the victims were visiting with the owner when the attack occurred, and children under the age of 7 accounted for 83% of these deaths in 2013. The insurance information institute reported estimates that last year, $483 million in claims were paid related to dog bites.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that in just 2013 alone, 26,935 Americans underwent reconstructive surgery as a result of being bitten by a dog, taken into account most of these attacks happen to children. These surgeries usually include lacerations to the face and or scarring. The report also, showed that there are over 3x’s more dog bites each year than traumatic brain injuries and for children 66% of the bites they receive are above the neck.

Please utilize education materials when introducing small children to dogs for the first time. There are specific tools designed geared toward do’s and don’ts when interacting with animals.

The United States Military has regulations for Military Housing Areas and owning breeds that are considered dangerous along with over 700 U.S. Cities.

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