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Why You Should Have a Medical Illustration in Your Case - VA Attorney Richard Aufenger

Attorney Richard Aufenger of Kalfus & Nachman discusses how his firm uses medical illustrations to help win your case.

Whether you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, truck accident, personal injury accident, or even a wrongful death suit, we have to be able to prove that someone else was at fault for the injuries you and your family suffered.

To prove your case in court we must do several things that show you were not at fault for your accident and that the other party needs to compensation you for your damages.

After we research and investigate your case, we may believe that going to trial is the best course of action. While we’re in trial, we need to prove to the judge and the jury that you were not at fault. We do this in several ways by presenting the evidence in the case. One type of evidence you may not think of is actually visual aids for the jury. For example, if you’re injured very badly in an automobile accident, we may show the jury a set of medical illustrations that will visually be able to tell how you were injured. The visual impact of seeing the broken bones or the x-rays of the injured victim (you) can be very powerful in this type of case. Usually we can show juries what type of surgeries you had to have or may need in the future. Plus we can show how your injury is going to affect you life so that they understand at a basic level how this accident will affect your future, beyond the medical jargon and extensive doctor questions which may be hard to understand. Watch the video now to learn more.