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What You Should Know About Car Seats in Auto Accidents - Paul Hernandez Explains

A question you may be asking after a car accident is whether or not you should get rid of your child’s car seat if you were involved in a car accident. You may want to know this whether or not your child was even in the seat at the time of the accident.

Safety authorities such as the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration suggest that you do not continue to use the car seat after a moderate or severe car accident. This is an accident where injuries or damage to the car is sustained.

Some things you may not know about car seats is that newer models even have expiration dates. A car seat is not meant to last forever. With its fabrics and small parts, car seats can definitely becoming damaged and unusable. It’s important to examine the car seat fully for any damage, plus wear and tear. A car seat already may have some damage due to spills deteriorating the fabric or the belts wearing down. So after an accident, it may be a very good choice to replace the car seat. You should take these factors into concern if you’re looking to purchase a car seat secondhand or used. You should also check to see if the car seat model has ever been recalled and includes all its parts. Remember, this car seat holds your child’s life and you want to make sure it’s the best possible device for your loved one’s safety.