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Seeking Justice for Truck Accident Victims in the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Truck Accident Victims in the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Truck accidents can wreak havoc on victims' lives. The aftermath of such accidents often involves severe injuries, significant property damage, and emotional trauma. Thus, seeking justice for truck accident victims in the Eastern Shore of Virginia is not just about holding negligent parties accountable - it's about helping victims rebuild their lives and secure fair compensation. Virginia's premier truck accident attorneys at Kalfus & Nachman are dedicated to putting up an aggressive fight for truck crash victims in the Eastern Shore of Virginia and ensuring they receive the justice and compensation they are entitled to recover.

Understanding the Impact of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are devastating due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. When a truck collides with a small vehicle, like a car, the results can be catastrophic. Victims often suffer from severe personal injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and internal organ damage. In the worst cases, truck accidents can even result in fatalities, leaving families grieving and struggling to cope with the loss.

Beyond the physical injuries, truck accidents can also have long-lasting psychological and financial consequences for victims and their families. Medical expenses can accumulate quickly, and injuries can prevent victims from working, resulting in a loss of income and financial difficulties. The emotional impact of accidents, such as physical pain and mental distress, can worsen the situation, making it difficult for victims to move on with their lives.

According to DMV's 2022 crash report, 2.4% of all traffic crashes involved large trucks, killing 60 and injuring 844 people. Truck crashes remain a concern for motorists on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, especially those traveling on US Route 13. This major transportation artery carries significant commercial traffic, including trucks hauling goods up and down the coast. Distracted driving, speeding, and improper lane changes are common factors contributing to the high number of truck accidents on this highway.

Dealing with Nationwide Insurance after an Eastern Shore Truck Crash

After a truck accident on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, victims often face Nationwide Insurance, representing the trucking company or its drivers. Dealing with Nationwide can be daunting, as they have a strong team of insurance adjusters and lawyers working to minimize payouts and protect their bottom line. Their strategies to reduce payouts can significantly impact victims' compensation, especially when vehicles are declared a total loss. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common in severe truck accidents. Kalfus & Nachman Law Firm prioritizes ensuring that clients receive every dollar they're entitled to in these challenging circumstances.

Why Choose Kalfus & Nachman's Truck Accident Attorneys in Eastern Shore

Accidents involving trucks on the Eastern Shore of Virginia can cause serious harm to those affected and their loved ones. The consequences of such large truck crashes can be devastating and life-altering. If you've been injured in a truck accident, don't hesitate to seek legal representation from Kalfus & Nachman. We have a successful history of representing truck accident victims in the Commonwealth. Our seasoned truck accident attorneys in Virginia understand the unique challenges associated with truck accident injury claims and are prepared to fight tirelessly on victims' behalf to secure the best possible outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist you - 855-880-8163


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