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Kalfus & Nachman PC Provides Safe Ride Home Program for St. Patrick’s Day 2024

Kalfus & Nachman, a distinguished personal injury law firm, is once again stepping up to prevent drunk driving accidents by extending its renowned Safe Ride Home Program to St. Patrick's Day celebrations. With over eight years of operation, this initiative has become a hallmark of safety during festive occasions, also offered on New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday, exclusively in Hampton Roads.

“Our commitment to public safety remains unwavering,” stated Paul Hernandez, an attorney at Kalfus & Nachman. “By providing a safe transportation option, we aim to reduce the risks associated with impaired driving and ensure the well-being of our community.”

Through the Safe Ride Home Program, Kalfus & Nachman will reimburse individuals who choose responsible transportation alternatives, such as taxi rides in Hampton Roads and Roanoke, or rideshare services with Uber and Lyft, up to $35. This initiative underscores the firm's dedication to preventing potential drunk driving accidents and saving lives on the road.

“We understand the allure of celebratory occasions, but safety should always come first,” Hernandez emphasized. “By offering a safe passage home, we strive to protect not only partygoers but also pedestrians and fellow motorists.”

Available in the 757 area from 6pm to midnight on St. Patrick’s Day, we are offering safe and free taxi rides home for those who have indulged too much to drive. These rides will not be available for transportation from one drinking location to another, as they are only available for people needing a safe mode of transportation home. Available solely to those over 21 and over.

To claim reimbursement, participants should submit their Safe Ride reimbursement form to Kalfus & Nachman's Norfolk office by the designated deadline: 870 N. Military Hwy. Ste. 300, Norfolk, VA 23502.

Beyond their legal advocacy, Kalfus & Nachman remains actively engaged in promoting public safety through various community programs, including Safe Ride Home and End Distracted Driving campaigns. With offices in Norfolk, Newport News, and Roanoke, the firm continues its mission of serving and safeguarding communities throughout Virginia.

About Kalfus & Nachman

The Kalfus & Nachman Safe Ride Program has been in operation for more than eight years. We are proud to be the exclusive personal injury law firm in Hampton Roads that offers this program on New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, and St. Patrick’s Day. Our efforts have resulted in providing hundreds of safe rides and preventing numerous potential drunk driving accidents, ultimately saving thousands of lives on the road. This safety initiative holds great significance to the Kalfus & Nachman family.

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