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What are the Eligibility Tequirements to Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

            Outside of just having a disability, there are a few things that one must have in order to receive the benefits of disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Disability benefits are the financial aid that is given to someone monthly who has been disabled for over a year. This aid usually continues until one is able to work again. Additionally, there are certain rules that help a transitioning worker called "work incentives.” These help cover things like medical care coverage and continued benefits until one is fully transitioned back into the workplace.

            The first step in figuring out one’s eligibility is looking into your work experience. In order to receive disability assistance, one must have a certain number of Social Security work credits. The number of credits one is required is based heavily on the age in which they became disabled. Usually the number of credits required is 40; for younger disabled people, the number of credits needed is lower. Over the years the work requirements changes, as of 2019 one credit was awarded for each $1,360 in wages. Although, if someone makes more than $1,220 a month, they generally cannot be considered disabled. For people who are unemployed, the SSA, the Social Security Administration, will send their cases to the Disability Determination Services offices to evaluate their case.

            Next, one has to see if they meet the Social Security definition of disabled. Unlike other programs, benefits aren’t given out to those who have partial disability or for short-term disability. The following are the rules of a payable disability:

  • One cannot do the work that they had done before
  • They decide that one cannot adjust to another job due to medical condition(s) and
  • The disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or will result in death

The SSA has a set list of medical conditions in which they deem so severe that a person cannot work and provide for themselves. If one’s condition is not on the list, the Social Security Administration has to decide if said condition is as severe as the ones on the list before mentioned. If not, the rules aforementioned are applied. As with all situations, there are outliers. For blind, widows, disabled children, or veterans, there are other earnings possible. Additionally, though disability benefits may not be applicable for someone, there are other options for assistance.

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If you are considering applying for social security benefits, or if you’ve already been denied, it is best to consult with an experienced SSD attorney. We at Kalfus Nachman can assist with all aspects of the Social Security process. We can determine whether you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, which are the most common, or if you qualify for the less common Supplemental Security Income benefits. Whether this is your first time applying for disability benefits or you are already appealing a previously-denied claim, we can assist you in putting together your application. We have done this for numerous applicants like you over the years, successfully enabling them to receive the benefits they need and deserve. Your disability application may involve deadlines, so please don’t hesitate to talk to us as soon as possible. Your consultation with us is free.