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Boaters Urged to Practice Safety Measures in Light of Recent Boating Accidents

With the summer season upon us, there has been a marked uptick in the number of boating accidents on bodies of water and around Newport news.

Officials say so far this year, Emergency crews have already responded to 29 calls. This has corresponded with an increase in boater traffic, which the last time there was this much boat traffic was nearly two decades ago.

Rescue officials have rescued 10 people in June and two more have died.

Three major rescues occurred in the month of June at James River alone.

Virginia law says that boaters required to have one vest available for every person on the boat.

Rescue officials urge boaters to actually wear the vest even if they know how to swim, because of the possibility of a having to swim with an impairment, such being injured, having a leg or arm cramp, a leg being stuck, or having to hold on to someone who can’t swim.

Officials also encourage boaters to be prepared for anything.

Good preparation for a boating trip includes having an emergency plan, informing your family members where you're going, and when you're coming back, and have safety equipment with you.

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