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Should You Use A Gas Or Charcoal Grill?

Summer is just around the corner. That means one thing—it's grilling season

And according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 3 out of every 5 households owns some type of grill.

Every fall we hear about the dangers of turkey fryers. With all the bad press, you'd think fryers are ticking time bombs just waiting to destroy your yard and home

Less-talked about but nonetheless hazardous are grills—specifically propane grills

According to the NFPA:

In 2012, almost 17,000 patients wound up in emergency rooms nationwide because of grill-related accidents.

Of all structural fires caused by grills, 1 in 6 were caused by objects placed too close to the grill igniting and spreading to homes and other structures.

For all reported grill fires, 20% were caused by leaks and breaks in the gas tank or hoses connecting the tank to burners.

Overall, gas grills are more prone to accidents than their charcoal counterparts.

The reason is simple—with more working parts, gas grills have more opportunities to break or malfunction.

If you choose to fire up a gas grill this weekend, make sure to start it with the lid open.

CBS says that if the grill fails to ignite, shut off the propane and let it air out for several minutes so pooled gas can dissipate. That way you'll avoid potentially dangerous fireballs next time you try to ignite the grill.

Also check the gas line every time you have plans to cookout. According to CBS, the best way to do so is by coating your line with soapy water, then turning on the gas. If any bubbles appear, you've got a leak.

And if you use charcoal grills, remember to NEVER light charcoal indoors—even with ventilation

According to the University of Iowa, carbon monoxide levels can build dangerously fast in enclosed areas from burning charcoal—coals can even reignite hours after they go out.

That being said, grills are not turkey fryers. Use common sense, and enjoy the warm weather!

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