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10 Fatalities When Bus Hits Black Ice and Strikes Train

A Texas Department of Criminal Justice Bus hits black ice and skids into the path of a passing train. The bus was traveling on Interstate 20 on an overpass, during inclement weather, and lost control. Immediate reports shared there were at least 10 fatalities (8 prisoners and 2 Correctional Officers). Five of the occupants on the bus were taken to a nearby hospital for medical care. The occupants of the bus included 12 prisoners and three correction officers headed to Sanchez Prison in El Paso, TX. The employees of Union Pacific, operating the train, did not suffer any injuries.

Texas Representative Tan Parker led the Texas house in a moment of silence, once they received word of the horrific accident.

It is important to especially careful when driving vehicles during icy conditions. Overpasses specifically are very dangerous during inclement weather. An overpass is exposed to air on all of its surfaces, top and bottom. During freezing temperatures, the overpass freezes quicker than the ground. This causes black and ice and a slippery surface.

Please watch our personal injury attorney, Chris Jacobs, on the Hampton Roads Show on WAVY News 10, in the video below discussing safety tips for driving during icy conditions.

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