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What Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover When There Is Storm Damage?

What do you do if a tree falls from neighbor’s yard on to my property during a storm?  A tree falls on your property and damages a shed or swing set; it’s your responsibility, to dispose of it on private property. If the tree falls into the street you can contact your local municipality to clean up the debris. Your insurance may cover removal if the tree blocks access to a house or door, but that’s up to the insurance company, each case is handled individually.

Will my neighbor be forced to pay for some of the removal? Negligence has to be proven on their part for example, the tree is rotten and you asked your neighbor to remove it and they refused. If you have ever made a claim of sort to a neighbor please keep written documents that you have communicated to the homeowner. Take photos of the tree that you requested to be removed and have an inspector to come out and issue a report for the tree.

What we most commonly see in storms is damage from a tree hitting a car in a driveway. Yes, this covered by your own auto insurance only if you have a “comprehensive” policy. This includes cars parked on the street.

What if someone is injured on my property during the storm? Personal Liability Coverage in your homeowner’s policy protects you financially in the event you are found financially responsible in a covered lawsuit where you caused damage or harm to another person or their property.

We hope this helps you, but please be safe during a storm. Always remember to remove hazards away from your home before a storm strikes.

If you or a loved one have been injured by the negligence of another, please give us a call today to schedule a consultation with a Norfolk personal injury attorney, please visit the website and fill out the convenient online form.

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