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Brain Injury Treatment and Medical Malpractice

Our northern Virginia brain injury lawyers understand the importance of getting skilled, comprehensive medical treatment for your traumatic brain injury. It is crucial if you are to live a free, full life after your injury. Unfortunately, medicine is a business, and the profit motive is just as strong in a hospital as it is in a corporate boardroom. That’s why so many people come to our brain injury lawyers with tragic medical malpractice claims. Truly effective brain injury care, including post-operative rehabilitation programs, is not cheap. Medicare and Medicaid have strict guidelines regarding how much care patients receive. And hospitals are often reluctant to offer treatment beyond that which is covered by the government programs. Hospitals have limited beds, and they have an interest in diagnosing and discharging patients as quickly as possible. This means doctors might flat out miss your brain injury, or they might misdiagnose the type or severity of your brain injury. The end result of these mistakes is that you don’t receive the care you need. If this has happened to you, our northern Virginia brain injury lawyers can help you pursue the justice and compensation you need with a medical malpractice claim. If you’re a northern Virginia resident and you need a skilled brain injury lawyer, please contact Kalfus & Nachman PC today for a free consultation.
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