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How Do I Recover My Lost Wages After an Accident?

Following an automobile accident, you may be concerned about how much time you have missed from work after being injured. You may have missed time for being in the hospital directly after the accident or going through the healing process. Or you’ve missed time because you need to go to the doctor for follow-ups or physical therapy to help you recover. This is one of the most common costs that you can incur from a car accident and can devastate your family much more than the repair costs on your vehicle. The amount of money you can lose from not being at work can really have an effect on you and your loved ones. To help recover some or all of this money, you may need to bring a lawsuit against the driver who caused your automobile accident. In doing so, you’re bringing forth a claim stating that he (and his insurance company) owes you this money you have lost and you need to be repaid for these costs. In preparing for your case, it’s a great idea to keep records of everything. You want to show doctor’s notes, medical expenses, paycheck stubs, tax forms, and any other type of records that show how much time from work you’ve missed. This type of evidence can be extremely beneficial in your case and shows the insurance company and even the judge or jury that your injuries caused you and your family serious problems and the other driver should be made to pay for the harm they caused you as a result of the car accident. Watch the video now to learn more. To learn more about personal injury law, I encourage you to watch the video above. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at (855) 880-8163. I welcome your call. Kalfus & Nachman (855) 880-8163 Offices in Norfolk, Newport News and Roanoke Virginia. Also serving Northeastern North Carolina.

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