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When Do I Talk to the Other Guy's Insurance Company?

You were involved in a motor vehicle accident, you suffered injury, and your car was damaged. How do you now deal with the other guy’s insurance company?

You don’t need to. In fact, you shouldn’t.

The best way to deal with the other insurance company is to work with a Virginia personal injury attorney who can handle that element of your case. Keep in mind that the other guy’s insurance company is not your friend. That is because they only want to do the following:

  • Deny your claim outright
  • Negotiating the lowest settlement

When you talk to the insurance adjuster after your accident, your emotions will already be high. They will be relying on you to be in a vulnerable state and prey on these emotions. They will say whatever they need to to build a case against you to use in the claim. Insurance adjusters are trained in this art and are good at it. Keep in mind that there is no legal obligation to talk to them and you have the right to hire an attorney to represent you.

Then What Should You Do?

If you’ve been an automobile accident, you have a lot to deal with. Not only should you seek medical attention, you have to deal with getting your car fixed, and how you’re going to pay all those bills.

You may wonder what your insurance company will handle and what the other driver’s policy covers as well. You may question if you should even talk to the other insurance company and when?
You may think you should talk to the other driver’s insurance company before yours to make a claim. I mean, it’s their fault isn’t it? But you should definitely speak to your insurance company as well to report the accident. Before speaking to the other company, you should seek the advice and possibly retain a personal injury lawyer. Both insurance companies will have their own interest in mind, before they look after yours. You may have never been in an accident before and never had to file a claim. However, their company hires experienced adjusters to record your statements and ask questions. These questions can be misleading and suggest that you are at fault or at least not eligible to be compensated for your accident. Speak to an attorney who knows the questions, understands insurance companies, and helps you with getting what you deserve in your personal injury case. Watch the video now to learn more.

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