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Received a Large Settlement and Don't Know How to Invest it - Virginia Attorney Jesse Suit

Congratulations. You’ve won your personal injury case and now you’re wondering what exactly you should be doing with the settlement money.

The compensation you receive may be a large amount and you may be concerned about how you’re going to deal with it all. You have several options that your lawyer can help you with.

A very popular option is that of a structured settlement. What this means is that settlement can be designed to work for you in the best way. Instead of receiving all the money now, you can plan it. Whether you decide to receive a monthly or quarterly payment is your choice. Or maybe you want to receive it on a yearly basis. Even better yet, you can invest in your kids’ future and let it accrue when they get to college. A structured settlement has no risk as it is not played in the volatile stock market and can often be tax-free. It’s important to make a quality decision about this money so that it can better the future for you and your family.