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Crosswalk Rules for Pedestrians in Virginia

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The lack of knowledge and understanding about crosswalk rules for pedestrians in Virginia is a significant factor contributing to the high number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities. As per the NHTSA 2019 report, 123 pedestrian lives were lost in Virginia traffic accidents, accounting for 15 percent of the total fatalities in the state. If you have been hit by a motor vehicle while crossing the road, you could be entitled to recover compensation for your damages. Insurance companies often unfairly accuse pedestrians of the accidents to deny or lower the claim value. Thus, it's in the victim's best interest to consult with a skilled pedestrian accident lawyer immediately after an accident occurs.

Pedestrian Traffic Rules in Virginia

Pedestrians are prone to severe injuries in motor vehicle accidents as compared to vehicle occupants. While all Virginia motorists must exercise utmost caution and take all necessary precautions to ensure pedestrian safety, pedestrians must likewise understand their responsibilities as road users. According to state law, both pedestrians and motorists must comprehend the sidewalk or crosswalk rules for pedestrians in Virginia. Here are some of the vital pedestrian traffic rules in Virginia:

  • VA code § 46.2-923 - How and where pedestrians cross highways.
  • As per VA code § 46.2-923, a pedestrian shall cross, wherever possible, only at intersections or marked crosswalks.
  • Pedestrians shall not be guilty of negligence when crossing by the most direct route at intersections with unmarked crosswalks.
  • VA code § 46.2-924 - Drivers to stop for pedestrians.
  • As per VA code § 46.2-924, all vehicle drivers shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the highway by stopping and remaining stopped until the pedestrian has crossed safely.
  • No other vehicle is permitted to overtake and pass the stopped car.
  • Pedestrians shall not enter or cross an intersection without consideration for oncoming traffic.
  • VA code § 46.2-925 - Pedestrian control signals.
  • If the intersection has pedestrian control signals displaying the Walk or Don't Walk sign, pedestrians shall wait for the Walk signal before crossing the road. All vehicle drivers shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian.
  • A pedestrian must go to a sidewalk or safety area after partially crossing the crosswalk on the Walk signal and remain there while the Don't Walk signal is showing.

Virginia Competent Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

At Kalfus & Nachman, Virginia'stop-rated pedestrian accident lawyers have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. We conduct a thorough investigation and collect evidence to improve the odds of getting fair compensation for the victim. Here's an example of how our qualified attorneys successfully settled a pedestrian case:

A pedestrian case of a young three-year-old boy who was a passenger in a toddler trailer, a type that attaches to a bicycle, was represented by our skilled pedestrian accident lawyers. When the bicyclist was towing the trailer crossing the crosswalk, a careless hummer driver pulled out into the street and ran over the toddler trailer. The toddler received significant injuries. Our accomplished personal injury attorney Paul Hernandez secured a favorable settlement with his ardent litigation for the victim.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident in Virginia, call us for a free consultation today: 855-880-8163


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