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Can Office Workers Also Qualify for Worker’s Compensation Benefits in Virginia?

Business workers wear masks to protect and take care of their health.

It is a common myth that only those who work in industries or jobs where heavy labor, strenuous physical activity, climbing ladders or lifting heavy objects is involved are the only ones that would ever need or, more importantly, be able, to file a worker’s compensation claim in Virginia. Those in the construction industry, manufacturing or other industries or jobs who need to do a lot of lifting, bending, stooping, working on ladders, or otherwise need to engage in active physical labor as a part of their jobs do qualify for coverage for Worker’s Compensation benefits under Virginia law. However, worker’s compensation benefits coverage is not just limited to those who work in what are traditionally called “blue-collar jobs.” Indeed, this is far from the truth.

Those who work in offices and sit at desks or in cubicles are also covered by the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Act. Office workers face their own set of challenges and stresses that can cause them to develop workplace injuries that also are covered by the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Act, much like those who may work on a construction site and suffer a workplace injury. Workers whose jobs take place at desks in office settings are similarly susceptible to suffering injuries just like construction or factory workers. For example, an office worker may develop respiratory issues that become permanent as a result of repeated exposure to mold at the office. This, just as much as a construction worker who falls off a ladder, would be compensable as a workplace injury under Virginia’s worker’s compensation laws.

What Is An Injury for Purposes of the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Act?

In order to qualify as an injury that would entitle someone to worker’s compensation benefits under Virginia law, an injury must happen suddenly at a specific time, must occur at work during work or at a work-related function, and must be caused by a specific work activity. In the instance of an office worker, if part of the individual’s job responsibilities are filing and he or she breaks an arm while attempting to lift a heavy box of papers or if you contract a respiratory illness as a result of mold in the HVAC system in the office where you worked for thirty years then such injuries would be covered by worker’s compensation in Virginia.

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If you have suffered a workplace injury in Virginia, then worker’s compensation coverage exists to compensate you for the damages that you suffer as a result of those injuries. We have represented numerous office-based workers who have been injured on the job and we are familiar with not only the types of injuries that such workers often suffer but how to ensure that their claims are approved. If you have been injured in a workplace incident in Virginia, please contact Kalfus & Nachman today at (855) 880-8163 or through the form on this page to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced Virginia workers’ comp lawyers are here to help you.
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