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Surgical Instrument Left in Body Causes Serious Damage

With any surgery, there is a risk of danger to you as a patient. We trust in our hospital staff and doctors to keep us safe and free from harm.

It is definitely troubling when not only does a surgeon make a mistake causing you pain, but they refuse to see the issue which just brings more pain and suffering.

Such is the case for one our clients who had to seek justice in his medical malpractice case. While in for a serious surgery, a surgical instrument was left inside the client’s body. Many instruments are used in a surgery including clamps, scalpels, electrodes, scissors, and sponges. During our client’s surgery the instrument was a malleable retractor, a large instrument measuring 13 inches x 1 inch. As you can imagine, this instrument gave our client some very harsh pain. He was inundated with abdominal pain, especially when bending over or getting up as the instrument moved within his body.