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What Happens in a Crash with an Out-of-State Driver?

With summer right around the corner, Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas will see a big uptick in the number of motorists on its roadways as vacationers pour in. That also means there's a bigger chance you could have an accident with an out-of-state driver. While some people may feel intimidated about filing a claim with an out-of-state driver, you shouldn't! Yes, it's perfectly feasible to bring a Speeding Carclaim against most insured drivers, regardless of which state they're from. That's because insurance companies tend to be nationwide or at least regional, and their coverage extends to all areas of the US—and sometimes Mexico and Canada. So what happens when you get in a crash with someone sporting plates from across the country? Proceed just as you would in any other crash, and absolutely make sure to get their insurance information. At that point, you may even be able to make the other driver appear in a local Virginia court. They are, after all, responsible for any damage they cause while driving, whether that's in California or Virginia. The only issue that may crop up is that other states could have different minimum requirements for their car insurance policies. That means you may be left with a bill that exceeds what the responsible driver's policy is required to cover. In these cases, it's crucial to work with an experienced attorney. They'll help you seek the remainder of damages from either the driver or any other negligent parties responsible for your crash and injuries. The key takeaway here is to not feel flustered or helpless just because your crash was caused by someone who lives a thousand miles away. They're accountable, no matter which state they drive to. #outofstatedrivers #vacationaccident