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Injured on a Cruise Ship - How Much Time do I Have to Make a Claim? VA Attorney Jesse Suit

When we take a cruise, the last thing we think about is what to do if we’re injured while we’re on board. We’re looking forward to fun days at sea and some offshore excursions.

There are some things you need to know if you’re injured on a cruise ship as the laws can be different and you need to know what your rights are.

Now the cruise ship operators and staff on board are responsible for your safety. They have a duty to make sure that there are no hazards and if anyone is hurt they are tended to immediately. But accidents do happen, whether or not there was any negligence. Before you even get on board, you should know that there are some laws that pertain to you on the back of your ship ticket. Under federal law, the cruise ships can actually shorten how much time you have to file a claim against them and how you do that. Most people won’t read the back of the ship ticket, but there can be some very important information on it and you need read it immediately if you’ve been injured. Cases against a cruise line can be complicated and difficult. You should have an experienced attorney who understands both maritime law and personal injury cases.