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Protect Yourself Shopping This Black Friday

Everyone knows Black Friday is a hectic time for consumers across the United States. With jaw-droppingly low sales and promotions, many people allow their aggressive sides to come out when it comes to snagging the very best deal. Unfortunately, this means Black Friday is one of the most dangerous driving days of the year, particularly in parking lots for both drivers and pedestrians.

These accidents are more likely to occur specifically due to the overabundance of people rushing to get a parking spot, resulting in rather hostile and antagonistic behaviors. Even if drivers are not necessarily in a mad rush, they may be more like to be distracted. This means pedestrians and drivers alike must be aware of their surroundings, and treat parking lots with particular care in order to prevent tragedy.

The following are our tips for Black Friday parking lot safety:

  • Make sure you are seen
  • Bring a shopping partner
  • Ask a security to walk you to your car
  • Survey around and inside your vehicle before getting in
  • Be extremely careful when reversing out of a spot
  • Stay alert, especially as a pedestrian (stay off your cell phone to avoid distraction)
  • Exercise caution whenever possible
  • Look out for children
  • If possible, shop online and avoid driving in general

Click here to watch a video from our firm, detailing how to move forward following a parking lot accident.

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