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The Hundred Deadly Days of Teen Driving

Starting on Memorial Day, the summer kicks off what's come to be known as the hundred most dangerous days for teen drivers.

Due to a combination of reasons, teen drivers during the summer are prone to more accidents, more injuries, and more deaths behind the wheel and as passengers in cars of other teen drivers.

AAA claims that every year, nearly 1,000 teens die during this period alone because of car crashes.

One of the biggest reasons for the uptick in teen car accidents is that younger drivers are more likely to be in the car with friends.

With school out, teens simply have more opportunities to drive with passengers of the same age, which can lead to distractions—where cell phones might distract drivers for several seconds, distractions from passengers last the entire duration of a drive.

The National Safety Council says that teens driving with other teenage passengers are 44% more likely to be involved in a fatal crash—a staggering increase.

There's a reason why many states limit (or prohibit) passengers for new drivers, but the initial restrictions may not be enough to keep all teens out of harms way. If your teen just got their license and they're planning on taking a trip this summer, be extra certain they're capable of shouldering that responsibility.Know exactly who will be going, how many people, and set clear ground rules to keep your kids distraction- and danger-free. While it's impossible to stay 100% safe at all times, setting boundaries and expectations is the best bet you have for keeping your teen safe this summer.

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