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Why You Might Have to Leave Your Selfie-Stick Home This Summer

Summer is in full swing. Are you joining AAA's predicted 42 million other Americans this Independence Day as they hit the road, rails and air for parts unknown?

If you're planning on snapping pictures at your upcoming destinations and you happen to own a selfie-stick, you should be aware of changes at many attractions this season that could affect your memory-making plans.

Several museums and theme parks across the country—from the Smithsonian in DC to the Getty Center in Los Angeles to New York's Museum of Modern Art—are adopting a firm “No Selfie-Stick policy” this season.

Even Walt Disney World has begun checking selfie-sticks at the gates, leaving some tourists caught unaware and left frustrated.

Museum directors and theme park operators argue that the selfie-stick poses a safety threat to both other patrons, and their attractions—the sticks are banned alongside other similar items such as camera tripods and bipods.

If that seems extreme, imagine whacking a priceless painting while you're trying to line up a shot for Instagram. Unlikely, but an unnecessary risk for museum owners.

If you dream of grabbing big group shots of the whole family in front of the Walt Disney statue, you might have to rely on passersby to give you a hand.

Enjoy the Summer.... Your friends at Kalfus & Nachman

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