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Newport News Judge Rules City's Red Light Camera Code Is Constitutional

On Tuesday, a Newport News Circuit Judge ruled that the city’s red-light camera code, which was recently challenged by a motorist, is constitutional. The Daily Press reports that Rick Ray Johnson, a 59-year-old resident of Newport News, requested a hearing after he received a notice of violation in June alleging that he had run a red light at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Oyster Point Road.

According to Johnson, he decided to proceed through the red light in order to avoid slamming on his brakes and possibly causing a car accident. Johnson says he is disappointed at the judge’s ruling, stating: “It’s never been about the $50 ticket. It’s the principle of it all. My concern is for the safety of my children and the safety of anyone that goes through that intersection.”

Johnson said that if the yellow light was lengthened in the left turn lane, it would help reduce the number of accidents at the intersection, since people would have more time to proceed through the light instead of making an abrupt stop that trailing cars might not be anticipating.

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