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"Unloaded" Gun Leaves Young Man Dead

Every year, we hear about children who are harmed with guns. Some are hurt during violent situations. But even scarier are the children hurt because of something as innocent as horseplay.

Far too often we read stories about how friends were hanging out and someone grabs a gun of a family member. And without knowing whether it’s loaded or not, they fire the gun.

And now someone is dead. Such is the case for one of our client’s, whose son is now deceased because of having access to a gun that was not their own. How do we recover from that? There is no amount of money that will replace the life a child, but someone needs to be held responsible. As a gun owner, you need to take all the precautions possible to prevent these types of accidents. Keeping guns unloaded is a start, but they should also not be accessible to anyone but the owner. Your family may have suffered a tragedy due to someone’s negligence in proper gun ownership and you feel they need to be held responsible. Seek the advice of an experienced attorney to help you with holding that person liable for this awful act.