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You Could Lose Your Case Even if You are Innocent - VA Attorney Chris Jacobs of Kalfus & Nachman

The last thing we ever want is one of our children to come under any harm. But it’s even worse when your child is injured due to the carelessness of someone else.

Such is the case of one of our clients whose son Eric was hit by a car as the driver was talking on their cell phone. The driver claimed the child ran into the road and took no responsibility that she hit a 7 year old on a bike.

In this video, we give you an example of the opening statement that we used to help win this case. We immediately pointed out the other driver was on their cell phone and they were the one at fault for the accident. We want to bring the facts to the attention of the jury and explain to them the story of Eric and how he came to be injured. And even though the police even believed the driver, we knew that Eric was telling the truth and we’re out to fight for the injured victim every time. We fight for all our clients and do our very best to defend them when they need it the most.