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What is Contributory Negligence

Personal injury cases involve a great deal of law that needs to be understood by your attorney if you’re looking to move forward in a lawsuit against another person.

There are some things you may not know that can be a bit shocking. Such as, in the states of Virginia and North Carolina there is law called contributory negligence that affects both drivers in a car accident very much.

Basically, contributory negligence is where if you are at fault for the accident you cannot recover any of your costs. This includes money for lost wages, doctor visits, prescription medication, medical bills, hospital stays, and any other expenses that occurred due to the accident. To be clear, this law pertains to you even if you were a little at fault. The other driver could have been the one who caused a great deal of the accident, but if you contributed to the accident even a little bit you are denied recovering any money. It is not a good idea to talk to insurance company (especially the other driver’s) since they know this law and may reinterpret your side of the events as you being at fault and you get nothing. You need to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who understands these laws and can help you win your case against the other driver.