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Circuit vs. General District Courts in Virginia

With your personal injury case, you may have the option to be in one of two different court systems in the Virginia. The lower courts are called general district courts and are less formal.

The general district courts only allow for rewards less than $25,000 dollars. This court is also typically quicker to hear your case and far less expensive.

If you choose to go to a higher court, you will have the added advantages of being able to use doctor and expert testimony in your trial. However, the process is much longer – typically a year compared to several months in the lower court. But due to the witnesses, this process can also be much more expensive. These witnesses and depositions come at a cost. Health care providers will be able to testify and give evidence in court to help prove your case, but they must be paid for their time as well as other experts who are looking to disprove the case against you. And with every new witness, it gets more expensive. Now if you believe your injury can be compensated for less than $25,000 dollars and you’re looking for a shorter process, the lower general district courts can be the best option for you. Seeking the legal advice of our law firm can help you in this decision and the best way to win your case.