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The Dangers of Distracted Driving

When you drive a motor vehicle, you already have to be very cautious and aware of hazards. But what about the hazards we cause every day by ourselves?

These hazards are the dangerous things we shouldn’t be doing while driving like putting on makeup, playing with the radio, eating, drinking, and grooming ourselves. One of the biggest dangers as most people know is using their cell phone.

Whether you’re talking on the cell phone or texting, the danger your place yourself in – and others – is tremendous. Did you know that you are 23 more times likely to crash if you’ve been texting and it takes your eyes off the road for an average of 4 seconds? Four seconds may not seem like a lot but imagine how far you can travel at fast speeds in only several seconds. Those few seconds can place you over the dividing line into oncoming traffic or into a guardrail. There are many people harmed every year due to distracted driving. Any task that takes you away from the primary task of driving the car can put you in a lot of harm. Plus, you have the added danger of putting other innocent people in harm’s way. One thing to note is that many people actually believe a Bluetooth headset that allows hands free control of your cell phone is safe, but any type of distraction from the road is a danger. Your attention should be fully on the road and your surroundings.