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How Making Wide Turns In a Truck Can Be Risky

Semi-truck making a right turn on an empty street during the day

From visibility issues to reduced traction, making wide turns in a truck can be dangerous and even deadly. As drivers of large vehicles, which are more difficult to maneuver on the roads, it's important to be aware of the risks associated with taking wide turns. Read this article to find out why making wide turns in a truck can be risky and how you can practice safe driving habits when behind the wheel.


One of the most dangerous risks associated with making wide turns in a truck is visibility. When negotiating a turn, it's important to check for oncoming traffic and pedestrians to ensure a safe maneuver.

Unfortunately, large trucks have an obstructed view due to their size, making it difficult to see around them when taking corners at high speeds or large angles. This can lead to incidents involving other drivers or pedestrians who weren't visible until the last second, resulting in potential collisions or injuries.

Reduced Traction

The next risk associated with turning too wide in a truck is reduced traction on the road surface. When taking tight turns, trucks require more power from their engines than smaller vehicles do.

This increased power results in higher axle loads which can cause tires to lose traction in wet or slippery conditions. This is especially dangerous on roads with heavy traffic or tight curves, where drivers may not have enough time to adjust their speed or angle of turn safely.

Increased Risk of Rollover Accidents

Finally, it's important to note that the risk of rollover increases with wider turns. While most trucks are equipped with anti-roll systems, any sudden changes in direction can still put a vehicle at risk of overturning.

In fact, wide turns increase the chances of rollover accidents due to higher center of gravity and increased speed, making them especially hazardous activities when behind the wheel of a truck.

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