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Getting Medical Care During COVID After a Car Accident in Virginia

man wearing mask in his car after an accident

Here in Virginia, we are currently experiencing a record-breaking increase in COVID cases, with hospitalizations and deaths trending upward at an alarming rate. Navigating our current health crisis is difficult enough right now. But what if you have been involved in an auto accident in Virginia and are worried about getting medical attention or continuing your ongoing treatment?

During COVID, many accident victims are reluctant to visit an emergency room, doctor's office, or physical therapist, fearing exposure to the virus. Not only can this lead to you suffering needlessly without the proper medical attention, but it can also create issues if you are pursuing an injury claim.

How Can a Gap in Treatment Work Against Your Injury Claim in Virginia?

Not getting medical evaluation or continuing ongoing treatment after an accident is commonly referred to as a "gap" in treatment. The insurance industry often uses any gaps in treatment to argue that the victim did not take action to minimize the effects of the injuries. Unfortunately, as experienced Virginia car accident lawyers, we know that this can work against you in getting fairly compensated for your damages.

Keep in mind that first responders, hospitals, physicians, and physical therapy practices have had to continue dealing with emergencies and treatments for other things besides COVID during this time. They are prepared to comply with protocols to ensure your safety. After a car accident in Virginia, seeking medical attention or continuing your treatment is vital to your healing and injury claim.

What Happens if Your Car Accident is Minor?

Seeking medical evaluation after an accident, even in one where you are not sure you have been injured, is critical. After a minor accident, issues stemming from the head, back, and neck injuries can cause you problems in the future.

Because a human body floods with adrenaline after an accident, it dulls our response to pain and symptoms, and pain can show up hours, dates, or weeks afterward. It may not be necessary to get immediate emergency care after a minor accident but getting a doctor's assessment is vital if you are potentially faced with filing a claim for an injury.

Stay Safe at Appointments

After any accident, it is vital to get medical attention and continue your treatment. While you are at any appointments, be sure to maintain social distance, wear a face mask, and wash your hands regularly. If you have been turned away for care for any reason, you will want to get a record of any care denial and find another hospital, physician, or physical therapist to get the care you need.

Get Professional Legal Advice

Navigating a pandemic has complicated getting medical attention for many of us here in Virginia, but it has not stopped insurance companies from denying claims due to gaps in treatment. If you have been involved in an auto accident in Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Roanoke, or the surrounding communities, you should get the advice of an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney. Contact the skilled legal team at Kalfus & Nachman for a complimentary consultation. (855) 880-8613.