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What is the Definition of Medically Disabled for Purposes of Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability (“SSD”) is a federal government benefit program that exists to provide a safety net for those who may be unable to work due to suffering from a disabling medical condition. It provides monthly payments to those who suffer from such disabling medical conditions. The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) is responsible for administering the SSD program, which also means determining eligibility for SSD benefits and, specifically, what qualifies as a medical condition making someone disabled for SSD purposes. However, simply meeting the criteria for having a disabling medical condition is simply the first step of qualifying for SSD benefits. This often can be the most difficult step of the SSD application process given that sometimes SSA staff need to be supplied with the right information presented in the right way in order to see the true picture of an applicant’s disability.

What Does It Mean to Be Disabled for SSD Purposes from a Medical Perspective?

The SSA considers an individual disabled under Social Security rules if the applicant’s disability has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death. Thus, even if your disability due to a qualifying medical condition is not expected to be permanent, but likely will last more than a year, you still can qualify for disability benefits.

Of course, having a disability is only one of the conditions necessary to qualify for SSD benefits. There are also other criteria like the inability to do any work that exists in significant numbers in the national economy necessary to meet in order to qualify for SSD benefits. There are thus a variety of hurdles that need to be met in order to qualify for the receipt of SSD benefits. The first of these is having a medical condition that the SSA will recognize as lasting or that is expected to last a year or more, however, and this can sometimes be a most difficult hurdle if the wrong SSA official is working on your SSD application.

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Often times, Social Security administration employees may simply deny an application for SSD benefits because they do not understand the applicant’s medical condition does truly meet the requirements necessary set forth by SSA to be considered disabled for SSD purposes. This may be due to the lack of proper information submitted along with the application or that particular employee’s unfamiliarity with SSD requirements. In these instances, our experienced Social Security disability attorneys can help you secure the benefits that are rightfully yours by working with Social Security employees to ensure that your application for benefits receives the appropriate consideration that it deserves. In particular, we will provide the medical records and other information has been provided to Social Security necessary to ensure they understand that you do truly possess a disabling medical condition.

If you live in the Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach or Roanoke, Virginia, areas and need assistance determining if you qualify for the SSD Compassionate Allowances program, filing your SSD application, or filing an appeal, please contact Kalfus & Nachman PC by phone at (855) 880-8163 or through the form on this page to schedule a free consultation.


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