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I didn’t report a minor accident because there was a minimal amount of damage, now I realize there is more damage than I thought. Is it too late to file a claim?

This is actually a pretty common situation. Say for instance that you drive a SUV that someone rear-ends you and you get out and look at the damage and see none. You therefore decide not to file a claim, but a week or so later you discover your rear gate is not properly opening and closing.

Generally, it’s not too late to file a claim if it’s only been a few months since the incident.  You typically have up to a year or two (depending upon terms of your policy and/or state laws) to make a claim.  To find out how long specifically you have, check with your car insurance provider.

As a live-and-learn lesson, it’s good that you reported the accident when it happened, so the car insurance company is aware that your vehicle was damaged. This means your insurance company will likely not give you less hassle than if you wait months to report it.

However, if there is a period of time before an accident is reported, be prepared for the insurance adjuster to scrutinize the claim and make certain that all the damage came from that one incident and not two separate incidents. When evaluating your claim insurance companies go over the description of the accident and the damage. If the adjuster can clearly determine that it was all from one incident, your claim should go smoothly.

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