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How Do Disability Lawyers Get Paid?

So, you applied for Social Security Disability benefits, but they sent you a denial back. Your friends and family say you should get a lawyer and appeal. But you already can’t work because of your condition, so money is tight. So how are you supposed to pay for a lawyer?

Without a lawyer, the process of paperwork, appeals, and legal maneuvering can feel overwhelming. So what should you do? You should get the legal help you need. It is much more affordable than you may realize.

If you need legal help with your Social Security, the best and most financially sensible thing you can do is get a lawyer

At Kalfus & Nachman, we understand your concern. And we know the frustration you’re going through after being denied the disability benefits you need to get your life back on track.

We have good news: You can start working with one of our experienced attorneys without paying anything. Our firm will accept most Social Security cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that our fee is taken as a percentage of past-due benefits (25%). In other words, the fee is one-fourth of the benefits that build up by the time you are found disabled and benefits are paid. With this arrangement, you are not charged a fee if we lose your case, however you will be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses your attorney incurs while representing you (usually this involves charges for medical reports or copying medical records). In a few cases, we use a different method of calculating a fee.

The vast majority of the time, the Social Security Administration will withhold the attorney fee from your back pay and pay your attorney directly. However, rarely the SSA will forget to withhold the attorney fee and pay it directly to the claimant. If this happens, you will be responsible for returning the fee to the SSA or paying your attorney directly.

Social Security’s own statistics have shown your chances of winning benefits are better with a professional representative. And because you don’t pay any attorney fee upfront, you’ve got nothing to lose — literally — by working with the experienced lawyers at Kalfus & Nachman.

Don’t wait. If you’ve been denied SSD benefits, you have a limited amount time to file your appeal.

How Our Norfolk Disability Lawyers Can Help

At Kalfus & Nachman PC, we've helped hundreds of people get the disability help they are entitled to. The process of applying for early Social Security Disability benefits can be long and frustrating. Without legal help, it can take up to 2 ½ years to get benefits. Hiring Kalfus & Nachman PC to help you receive these benefits can significantly lessen this waiting period. We have solid experience and understand complicated federal regulations governing Social Security Disability claims. We'll help you get through the system to get the benefits you need. Call us today!

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