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Have You Been Affected By A Defective Product?

You have the right to feel safe whenever you buy any kind of product—from cars to toothpaste to canned soup. Product liability law exists for just that reason. It's designed to hold companies accountable if and when their products cause sickness, injury or death. And just what types of products can pose a risk to you and your family? As it turns out, just about anything you buy has the potential to be defective—even with precise production standards and rigorous safety checks, accidents slip through the cracks. It's inevitable.

To make matters worse, some manufacturers market their products fully aware that they could be unsafe. It's not until months or even years later that issues pop up. But there are several items that come up all too often as the main culprits of injuries:

  • Automobiles (especially airbags and seat belts);
  • Stryker's hip replacements;
  • Unsafe machines and equipment;
  • Faulty medical appliances;
  • Dangerous household and consumer products;
  • And any products that can cause explosions or burns, such as propane canisters.

On top of that, drugs are recalled far too often for dangerous side effects. Some of the most common are:

  • Januvia, Byetta, Janumet and Victoza;
  • Steroid injections and other testosterone replacement therapies;
  • Talcum powder;
  • Lipitor;
  • Transvaginal Mesh;
  • Plavix;
  • Accutane;
  • And Darvon/Darvocet.

If you or a family member have been affected by a defective product, you could be entitled to damages. You have a right to safety. If a company has violated that right, it's time to hold them responsible. For more information on product liability and your rights as a consumer, click here. And if you've been the victim of a defective product, contact Kalfus & Nachman or call (855) 880-8163 for a free consultation.

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