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All Surgeries Carry a Risk to the Patient

We lost a great comedian yesterday Joan Rivers, due to complications during minor elective surgery. Ms. River’s was rushed to The Mount Sinai Hospital on Thursday, Aug. 28 after going into cardiac and respiratory arrest at the Yorkville Endoscopy Center on E. 93rd St. in Manhattan, where she was placed on life support until yesterday, September 4, 2014.

An autopsy has been performed but inconclusive. Julie Bolcer spokesperson for the City Medical Examiner’s Office in New York has shared the ‘cause and manner’ of the comedian’s death will now be determined after further investigation. State Health Department officials had already announced their own investigation

Sources have told the Daily News that the comedienne’s family was considering a lawsuit in Rivers’s sudden and shocking death.

Our hearts and prayers are with the family during their grieving period, she was extraordinary comedian that kept us laughing throughout the years.

The defines the risk of surgery as follows;

“All surgery carries risk to the person. The factors that determine the degree of risk include the body part that is affected, the seriousness of the medical condition, the extent of surgery, the complexity of surgery and the expected recovery time. Categories include:

  • Major surgery – such as surgery to the organs of the head, chest and abdomen. Examples of major surgery include organ transplant, removal of a brain tumour, removal of a damaged kidney or open-heart surgery. The person will need to stay in hospital for some time. The risk of complications may be high and the person will take a longer time to recover.
  • Minor surgery – presents a low risk of complications and fast recovery time. The person can usually go home the same day. Examples of minor surgery include tonsillectomy, sewing up a cut or biopsy of a breast lump”

This is a fact whether your surgery is minor or major; emergency or elective you trust the medical professionals handling your care.

Only one in eight people injured by medical negligence file a malpractice claim, especially the poor and uninsured. According to the Institute of Medicine, 98,000 patients die each year as a result of preventable medical error. This is equivalent to (2) Boeing 747 Airliners crashing in the US airspace everyday consecutively for 365 days and despite the massive number of medical injuries, medical malpractice lawsuits are uncommon.

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