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Why Does the Court Get Involved in My Child's Settlement?

If your child has been injured and gets awarded a settlement in a personal injury case, the court will need to get involved before the case is concluded. As a minor, your child cannot sign a contract and the court intervenes on their behalf.

The reason the court gets involved is simply for the protection for the child. The court does its job as it makes sure that the child is not being taken advantage of by attorneys or by their parents and even the protecting against the other side. The court makes sure the child gets a fair and equitable settlement.

The court will ask some questions to help make sure the child is safeguarded. It will be with their help that the settlement is given in a lump sum or as a structured settlement. The court, along with us as your attorneys, can help provide financial planners to make the best of the settlement and provide a future for your child. A structured settlement is handled by a third party company that allots the cash to the child in monthly payments. This is a great choice as the money continues to accrue interest and there are no taxes placed on the payments. You may have questions if your child has been injured and you’re seeking recovery from the person who caused them harm. Watch the video now to learn more.

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