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Thinking of Getting a Tattoo?

Don't hire a cheap freelancer or have an unlicensed friend do it—or you could be looking at a nasty infection, maybe a hospital stay and in extreme cases death

Tattoo artists in the state of Virginia are bound by the rules of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)—specifically that tattoos are considered “invasive procedures” because they pierce your skin. Parlors have to practice proper sterilization and cleaning methods to minimize your risk of infection, which is something your cousin or best friend can't guarantee.

But what if you did get a tattoo from a licensed pro and something went wrong anyway? What can you do?

The most common claim you can file against a tattoo artist is negligence, where you suffered an unintentional injury or illness as a result of your procedure.

To file a claim for negligence in a court of civil law, you have to prove a few things:

  1. The parlor failed to meet certain standards of care;
  2. You were injured;
  3. And the parlor's failure to meet those standards was directly responsible for your injury.

At a bare minimum, you should expect the following from a licensed tattoo artist to meet the “standard of care” mentioned above:

  • Asking about your allergies and medical history;
  • Making sure you're at least 18 years old;
  • Clearly showing safety and health certificates;
  • Hand washing, wearing gloves, and using new needles for each customer;
  • Giving you adequate advice after the procedure is over.

Now, you can't just claim money from a tattoo parlor if you happen to get an infection. Agreeing to go under the needle almost always involves signing a consent form making you aware of any infection risks. The tattoo parlor will claim that your infection isn't their fault, and that you picked it up somewhere else or didn't follow their after-care advice.

Every case and contract is different, and it can be difficult to prove negligence without competent lawyers. If you've been injured due to tattoo artist negligence in Virginia or Northeast North Carolina, please contact Kalfus & Nachman today or call (855) 880-8163 for a free consultation. We have offices in Newport News, Norfolk, and Roanoke, Virginia.