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The Bid to Replace All ET-Plus Guardrails in VA has Officially Closed

Even as the court battle continues and congress is calling for more rigorous testing for the modified ET-Plus Guardrails, VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) solicited bids for contractors to identify and replace the troubled guardrail in Virginia. The bid was open from October through March and on, a VDOT spokeswoman said “Even if a contract for the work is awarded, though, it is not clear if the guardrails will be removed”.

"Execution of the contracts is dependent upon facts uncovered by all eight crash tests, in-service reviews and any additional factual information on the modified ET-Plus," said VDOT spokeswoman Marshall Herman. "Plans could change at any time depending on facts uncovered."

In 2015 the federal court has not determined if Trinity Industries changed product designs resulting, in making the end terminal harder for the guardrail to ribbon off to the side in the event of a crash. Instead, the guardrail can jam and spear through a car, causing injury to the passengers.

A decision will not be made until all testing is completed and reviewed by all the necessary experts involved in the case from both sides.

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