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Drug Recalls on the Rise in 2010

This Week on, the Food and Drug Administration reported that over 1,742 recalls occurred in 2009 vs 426 in 2008, based on Gold Sheet, a trade publication on drug quality that monitors FDA findings.

Gold Sheet reported that Advantage Dose, accounted for more than half the recalls. Even excluding Advantage Dose, which has shut down, recalls jumped 50% last year.

The Gold Sheet report stated that 165 recalls in 2008 were drugs made or believed to be made, abroad. That was up 58% from 2008.

These findings are startling and at Kalfus and Nachman we have identified the tragic results that are related to some of the consequences recalled drugs have had and are not seen until the damage has already been done

  • Hemorrhages leading to a stroke, which may prove fatal
  • Heart attack
  • Diabetes
  • Internal organ damage
  • Depression which may lead to suicide

We believe at that the drug manufacturers expedite and cut corners to raise profits, so quality and safety is no longer the primary driver for manufacturing drugs. Increased competition from drug manufacturers abroad is also forcing US manufacturers to cut cost and research and we are here to help if you or a family member to assist with every step of pursuing a personal injury case. Our product liability lawyers have extensive experience in handling pharmaceutical injury claims, and can help you get on with your life with peace of mind, knowing you have been fully compensated under the law.

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