Will I Need to Go to Court For My Car Accident Case?

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Auto Accident in Portsmouth, VA

Not all car accident lawsuits end up in court. Most claims are settled before they go to court. There is a huge incentive for at-fault parties to settle and avoid the expensive cost of litigation, but a good car accident attorney will not accept any settlement that is less than what his or her client needs and deserves.

However, if your car accident suit does have to go to court, our trial attorneys will work aggressively to get you the maximum compensation possible for your damages. For a free review of your car accident claim, please call Kalfus & Nachman at (800) 361-0430 today.

To Litigate or Not to Litigate Your Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident in Virginia, there are two major options available to collect your damages from the at-fault driver. You can opt to go to court and try to collect your damages that way, allowing the jury to decide both whether the other driver is responsible and what your damage award should be, or you can settle outside of court and accept the negotiated offer made by the responsible driver's insurance company.

It is important to carefully weigh your options before deciding how best to proceed with collecting car accident compensation. After your initial consultation at Kalfus & Nachman, we will be able to ascertain which route is best for you.

Factors taken into consideration include:

  • How solid is the proof that the other driver was at fault?
  • Are you willing to wait out the time it takes for cases to go to court and be settled?
  • Has an insurance company offered a reasonable settlement?
  • What are the policy limits on the insurance
  • Are there any aggravating circumstances, such as, was the defendant a drunk driver

After our experienced car accident attorneys have gone over the details of your case, we can advise you about what to do. When you come to our office for your no-cost consultation, be sure to have any medical documents, the police report and any other information pertinent to your case with you. Photographs and eyewitness statements are always very helpful, too.

If you have been involved in a car accident in Virginia, please contact Kalfus & Nachman today by calling (800) 361-0430 or filling out our online questionnaire to schedule a no-cost consultation. We happily serve the areas of Norfolk, Newport News, and Roanoke, Virginia.