Tractor Trailer Accident Questions

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Tractor Trailer Accidents in Virginia Beach, VA

How are tractor-trailer accidents different from passenger vehicle accidents?

Tractor-trailer accidents are different from passenger vehicles due to the sheer size and weight of the trucks. Tractor-trailers can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and as a result, the injuries in tractor-trailer accidents are often much more severe than those involving passenger vehicles.

An estimated 10% of people injured in large truck wrecks die. In addition, there are different state laws governing commercial vehicles, including tractor-trailers. This is why it is imperative to contact an experienced tractor-trailer accident attorney like those at Kalfus & Nachman if you have been involved in a tractor-trailer accident.

What constitutes a commercial tractor-trailer?

A commercial tractor-trailer is one that weighs 10,000 pounds or more, can transport more than 10 passengers, or is used to transport hazardous materials. This includes those vehicles that are used to transport commercial goods, delivery trucks, buses, freight trucks, 18 wheelers or tanker trucks.

What causes tractor-trailer accidents?

Tractor-trailer accidents are caused by a number of different factors. Driver fatigue is the number one cause of tractor-trailer accidents. Truck drivers are on strict deadlines to deliver their goods and often drive for long periods of time on very little sleep.

Is it really necessary for me to contact an attorney?

Yes. Even if you think you may have been at fault to some extent, it is very important to contact an attorney. Also, the laws governing tractor-trailers make it difficult to know if you are entitled to receive compensation. You need to know the attorney you call is knowledgeable in all the laws concerning tractor trailers and is experienced in handling big truck crashes. Only an experienced tractor-trailer attorney like those at Kalfus & Nachman will be able to advise you on whether or not you have a valid legal claim.

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