Off-the-Clock Hours

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For some high-skill or high-demand jobs, competition for promotions and lack of job security can lead to the prevalence of employees working many hours off-the-clock. In addition, some employers may treat some work-related activities as off-the-clock, such as driving between work sites, working before or after your shift, or meetings and meals. For workers considered “exempt” under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), these practices may be perfectly legal. However, most employees are entitled to be paid for all hours worked. Off-the-clock hours may actually be illegal under the FLSA. The Department of Labor provides more information on what hours must be paid.

If your employer is requiring you to put in work hours for which you are not paid, the Virginia employment attorneys of Kalfus & Nachman will help you determine if this practice violates the law. If so, our experienced legal team will help you take action to secure back pay and all due compensation for your off-the-clock hours. Please call (800) 361-0430 for a free consultation at our Roanoke, Newport News, or Norfolk office.

Legal and Illegal Off-the-Clock Hours

Some employees are “exempt” from overtime and other requirements under the FLSA. This includes independent contractors and volunteers. However, employees are often inappropriately or illegally misclassified as volunteers or independent contractors when the nature of their employment relationship with the employer is clearly non-exempt under the FLSA.

If your employment agreement is confusing or you believe you may be misclassified as a volunteer or an independent contractor, our employment lawyers will help you determine if you have a case to seek back pay or unpaid overtime.

Some jobs are so demanding and competitive that employees often feel as if they must work extra hours off the clock in order to keep their jobs or get promoted. This type of work environment, while not uncommon, may constitute a violation of federal or Virginia employment law. Kalfus & Nachman’s Virginia labor lawyers will defend your right to a work environment where you are fairly paid for the hours you put in.

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