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Do I have to lose consciousness to suffer a traumatic brain injury?

No. Although losing consciousness immediately or shortly after a blow to the head is a bad sign, many people suffer traumatic brain injuries without ever losing consciousness.

When should I seek medical attention for a blow to the head?

It is impossible to tell which head impacts will result in brain injury. You may be susceptible to a brain injury even if you wear a helmet or hard hat. If the jolt felt serious, if you experience any symptoms of brain injury, or if you feel generally unwell, it is best to seek medical attention. Because of the potentially serious consequences, it is better to see the doctor unnecessarily than miss detecting a lethal brain injury until it is too late.

How long does it take for symptoms of brain injury to show up?

Some symptoms of serious brain injury are immediately apparent, but others may take days, weeks, months, or years to show up. Studies have shown that if you suffer a second minor head injury within a short period of time, your chances of experiencing serious brain injury increases dramatically.

Does a normal MRI following a blow or jolt to the head mean I have escaped traumatic brain injury?

Not necessarily. Although MRIs are capable of detecting some types of brain injury, they cannot rule out the possibility of brain injury. In fact, a recent study showed that MRIs were able to detect abnormal brain function in only 18% of subjects with post concussive psychiatric symptoms, compared to 40% detection using single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and 86% using the experimental technique magnetoencephalography (MEG).

How can I protect myself from traumatic brain injury?

The best way to protect yourself is to exercise caution when doing any activity that may result in traumatic brain injury. Wear protective gear while participating in sports, especially when motorcycling, biking, or skiing. If you work in a construction site or other hazardous workplace, where a hard hat or other safety gear. When buying a car, consider the results of crash safety tests to determine whether brain injury is likely following an auto accident.

When should I consult a lawyer about a brain injury?

It is best to contact a lawyer as soon as you or someone you love has been involved in a traumatic event, such as an auto accident or slip and fall and you received any type of blow to the head. This allows you to learn more about your options, and avoid accidentally compromising your rights.

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