Jury Duty & Juror Selection

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You may be wondering how and why you get selected for jury duty. Our Norfolk attorneys at Kalfus & Nachman thought it would be great to share some valuable insights into this process with our local residents.

Jury duty is a special and, sometimes, unrecognized right that American citizens have been given. It is a valuable responsibility that guarantees that all American citizens can have a valid and unbiased trial; guaranteeing that one is innocent until proven guilty.

In Norfolk, Virginia and the surrounding areas, jury duty is set up much like it is everywhere else in the country. Jury selection is random and participation is mandatory. There are, of course, exceptions if you have conflicts or if you care for a child or elderly person and aren’t able to attend jury duty. All of these exceptions can be discussed with your local court.

Here are the links to local jury duty and jury selection information:

Jury Selection

When you are selected for jury duty, this does not guarantee that you will serve as a juror. Oftentimes, there are several rounds of random selection that send large amounts of those called for jury duty home. If you are selected to come into a court room, you will be interviewed by the judge and both attorneys to determine if you are an unbiased juror member and can, therefore, effectively serve on the jury. If you are chosen to serve on a jury, it is your responsibility to remain unbiased and to thoughtfully consider all aspects of the trial.

Settlement Information

If you’re serving on a jury or if you’ve been the victim to a car accident or any other injurious accident, you may wonder how a settlement gets determined. There is no set way that juries determine a settlement in a lawsuit. A jury that determines that one deserves a settlement will usually base their settlement upon what the injured person has lost. Meaning our Norfolk attorneys would have to prove that you are in need of compensation for any of the following:

  • Damages to a vehicle or other property
  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of physical abilities
  • Occupational, emotional, mental, or physical rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering

If a jury believes you are due compensation for one or any of these factors, then they will decide how much to award, however, there is not a mathematical determination that we can always guarantee; juries will award different amounts for different cases.

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