Failure to Pay Overtime

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As you already know, some jobs are tough and require long hours of hard work. When you work overtime, it wears down your body, increases stress, and takes away from time with your family. Therefore, federal employment law requires employers to pay time-and-a-half for overtime hours to non-exempt employees, usually any time over 40 hours per week. If your employer needs you to work overtime, you deserve to be paid accordingly.

However, some circumstances make overtime hard to track and some unscrupulous employers try to take advantage of workers’ lack of knowledge of federal and Virginia state employment law. At Kalfus & Nachman, we strive to fight this unfair treatment of workers by representing victims in legal action. Our VA labor attorneys will help you understand your legal rights and secure compensation when your rights are violated. Schedule your free case review by calling (800) 361-0430 today.

Independent Contractors

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers are divided into two categories: exempt and non-exempt. Independent contractors are considered exempt employees, meaning that those who hire them are not required to pay overtime at time-and-a-half. However, not all employers understand that just because someone is called an independent contractor does not automatically make them an exempt employee.

Even if you are named an independent contractor in your employment agreement, the nature of your work and your relationship to the employer may qualify you for overtime compensation. Our experienced employment lawyers can help you determine if you may be entitled to overtime pay that you are not currently receiving. If we see that you have a good case, we will fight to make sure you receive overtime pay in the future and recover back pay for previous unpaid overtime.

Professional Employment Lawyers

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