Attorneys representing Norfolk, Newport News, Roanoke & nearby areas of Virginia

At Kalfus & Nachman, we take great pride handling client referrals from our colleagues in the Hampton Roads community. We appreciate and respect all of our referral sources and understand that the client is your client first.  What differentiates us from the rest as your co-counsel here at Kalfus & Nachman:Partnering with Kalfus & Nachman | VA Injury Attorneys

  • We have the financial resources to front all case related costs.
  • We honor refereed fee arrangements.
  • We have a designated catastrophic litigation team for large cases.
  • We have resolved several 7 and 8 figure cases in the recent past.

As an experienced firm with over 35 years in the legal community, we represent cases in Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. We have an experienced staff with a host of knowledge and resources that handle referrals like yours.

Our process for referrals from your firm is very EASY and requires no additional work from you or your staff. Just forward the name and contact information and we will set up the appointment   and once the case has settled we will forward your portion of the fee immediately.

Please feel free to contact us through this website or call (800) 361-0430 so that we can discuss how we can combine our efforts on behalf of your clients in a way that will benefit both firms.