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School Bus Accidents in Roanoke, VA | Kalfus & NachmanAs August approaches, parents and children alike get that giddy feeling that another year of school is about to begin. While we also join in the excitement, there are some good tips to teach your children in order to avoid accidents while riding school buses.

In order to have a great school year, we all want our children safe, protected, and, of course, learning. If you have further questions about bus safety, please contact Kalfus & Nachman by calling (800) 361-0430. Here is a video from our attorneys that shares some back-to-school bus safety tips.

Dangers of School Buses

While school buses are designed for safety, there are still multiple factors that may lead to horrific accidents while riding them. Simply do to their size, weight, and the number of people aboard them, they can cause awful accidents and multiple injuries. School buses are also constantly driving around multiple children, which leads to its own set of hazards as children may not be paying attention to an approaching bus.

Ways to Practice School Bus Safety

In order to prepare your children for their upcoming year, it is always good to review ways to remain safe while getting on and off the bus, as well as when riding it. The following are some good tips from our Roanoke attorneys:

  • Always remain at the bus stop until the bus is completely stopped
  • Exercise caution when entering and exiting the bus
  • Stay seated while riding the bus
  • If it is has seatbelts, partake in using them
  • Avoiding yelling or excessive noise that may distract the driver
  • Do not mess with or attempt to open windows or doors unless specifically instructed to do so by the driver
  • Exercise caution if you have to cross a street when getting on/off the bus
  • Follow emergency protocols whenever there is an emergency aboard the bus

Help from Our Attorneys

Should a tragedy ever occur and your child is injured while on a school bus, please take the necessary steps to get compensation for them. This compensation can also help you provide the best-possible treatment for your children and ease the difficulties of suffering an injury.

While Kalfus & Nachman hope that you never undergo a tragedy like this, we are available for help if you need us. Please fill out the form on this page or call us at (800) 361-0430. Here is some important information about sharing the road with school buses as well.